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Employee Relocation

Vita is the only Denver relocation company with a proven model to provide free employee relocation assistance for apartment rentals.  


We work with hundreds of landlords and have thousands of rentals available every day so your employees will have more options and get a nicer apartment for less money in the area that fits their personality.

If your employees need a house rental or guided tour we also provide affordable paid services.  

About Paid Services:

  • Full needs assessment by rental consultant to determine rental criteria, including area, budget, special needs and commute times
  • Research and option process, including scheduling of appointments
  • Scheduled tour, set appointments and transportation to rentals
  • Area tour and information included with guided tours and private home searches
  • Extensive follow-up with you to insure successful rental process
  • If employee is not present our rental assistants will tour the private rentals, take pictures, advise, and help with the rental process. 


  • Half-Day Tour (3-4 hours) includes comprehensive research of rental options, appointments to 4-6 communities, and any additional relocation services, as requested. Cost: $400.00
  • Full Day Tour (5-7 hours) includes rental options, 5-8 community appointments, orientation and preview of area. May include additional relocation services, as requested. Cost: $600.00 

If you are unfamiliar with the local rental market, and your time is at a premium, the Rental Tour is a great option to consider because we know Denver. As the leader in apartment finding, Vita maintains excellent relationships with hundreds of landlords. With such a large sponsorship, we know we can find the rental you are looking for!

  • We work with all major employers. Using our professional rental consultants can alleviate the demands of starting a new job and relocating. We have the local experience and expertise to identify needs and options in a timely fashion and take the stress out of your move. Your employer may also cover the cost of your tour as part of your relocation benefits. 

  • We take you where you want to live and will tailor your tour to your exact needs. Our service covers all suburban and metropolitan areas that make up the Denver Metro. We're the experts at finding a place you'll love to call home! 

Additional Services

  • Hotel or Airport Pick-up
  • City or Neighborhood Tours
  • School Information
  • Furniture Rental Assistance
  • Moving Company Information
  • Insurance Information